Legally Assisted Mediation

Legally assisted Mediation is coined for situations whereby parties have their lawyers present during the mediation process. The lawyers’ role is to provide legal support for their clients. Their role is limited only by their client’s needs. For example there will be situations where a lawyer may be present to provide a sounding board for decisions made during mediation. There will be other situations where the lawyer will take charge and speak for the client for the duration of the mediation. And there will be situations in between the latter and former. The process will remain the same as a non legally assisted mediation, and essentially it is the Parents that ultimately make the final Agreement – not the lawyers or the mediator.

It is most suitable for Parents in situations where there are

  • mass breakdown in communication;
  • high conflict;
  • complex issues; and /or
  • inability for the Parents to co-parent in the present moment.

Having their lawyer’s present during mediation means that they can take advice in the present moment and discuss matters with help.

If you would like further information about the process and associated fees, please don’t hesitate to contact us.