Child Focused and Inclusive Practice

When families separate and continue to be in conflict, everyone is affected by it. At Aequitas Mediation we offer a way for the focus to remain on the Child by enabling the Child to have a voice.

Child Focused Practice (CFP) is where the Mediator encourages the Parents to focus on the needs of each Child at the time of separation. Our practitioners are specially trained to assist Parents reflect on how conflict or poor communication may impact upon the Child. We provide options as to how to approach conflict while prioritising our Child’s best interests. CFP aims to help support Parents to come up with agreements that assist transitioning the Child through this difficult time in their lives.

Child Inclusive Practice (CIP) is a process allowing a Child to share their individual experience of their Parent’s separation and conflict. It ultimately gives the Child a voice during the mediation process. We find that Children often articulate that they find it difficult to talk to their Parents during separation. CIP gives Children an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings through one of our accredited Child Consultants in a safe and confidential environment.

A Child Consultant meets with the Child in a private session that takes approximately 1 hour. The Child Consultant speaks with the Children separately (if more than one Child) to give each Child the opportunity to be heard. This appointment is not counselling or therapy for your Child but if the Child Consultant is concerned and wants to recommend further support they will discuss this with you in the mediation session.

There are many benefits with CIP as it provides support for Children and young people who have or are currently experiencing parental conflict. It helps Children talk about their experiences and identify their feelings and thoughts about the parental conflict. The Child’s appointment is not about asking them to make decisions about where they want to live or choose which parent they prefer. Rather it gives them the space to talk about the current arrangements and how they attempt to manage them.

Once the Child has attended their individual appointment the Child Consultant will provide feedback to Parents and support parents to address any concerns that they may have. If you would like more information or have any questions about these services, please feel free contact us.