Frequently asked questions

The Family Law Act prescribes that a Section 60I certificate is required when a party makes an application to the Family Court for a Parenting matter.


A s60I Certificate can only be issued by a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), when two parties are unable to reach an agreement during a Family Mediation, or the FDRP deems the situation is unsuitable for mediation.

A consent order is a written agreement that is registered with the Family Court. It can cover parenting arrangements and/or property. Consent Orders are legally enforceable. We can certainly help translate your Parenting Plan or Property Agreement into Consent Orders.

Unlike most government funded Family Resolution Centres, Aequitas Mediation do not automatically turn away clients with VROs or have a Domestic Violence history. We take on clients with VROs so long as their VROs expressly states that attending family mediations will not be in breach of the Order.

At Aequitas Mediation we do not have any waitlist like the government funded Family Resolution Centres. We can schedule your first appointment quickly. After the initial appointment, we contact the other party on the same day. Depending on the availability of all the clients we will attempt to schedule your appointments as close together or far apart as you need.

FDR/Mediation is a voluntary process,however if a party refuses to attend then participating party has the option to request a s60I exemption certificate that can trigger the Family Court process.

All information disclosed in mediation is confidential, except in some circumstances of duty care, where there is a threat to seriously harm or to prevent the commission of a crime or child abuse. What is said in FDR is generally not admissible in Family Court

No, it doesn’t matter who initiates FDR/mediation as the FDRP/mediator is always impartial and neutral. The FDRP will assist both clients through the process.

Family Mediation is quicker and more cost effective process than the legal and Family Court process. At Aequitas Mediation our aim is to keep your matter out of court and come to a fair and practical agreement with no hidden costs. We provide a professional and affordable mediation service like the government funded agencies without the waitlist. Please give us a call or submit an online enquiry for more information about our competitive fees.

Each client must pay their own fees for their appointments, however if one client wants to cover all the fees we are able to offer a discount.

If you are ready to start the FDR process or would like to chat with one of our experienced FDRP’s give us a call on Mobile Number; 0414 428 179  or fill in the online enquiry and we will get back to you within 24 hours.