Who Are We

The Aequitas Mediation Team are registered and qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs). We are an enthusiastic, dynamic, and vibrant team with multidisciplinary backgrounds in counselling, psychology, coaching, Family mediation in Property and Parenting Matters, and workplace mediation.

Our FDRPs/mediators are specialised in Family Mediation for Children and Property matters. We assist families through separation and conflict, working out arrangements that focus on the best interest of the child(ren) and property settlements.

In Children’s matters, we follow the Family Court’s primary considerations that Agreements are centred on the safety and best interests of the child(ren). We provide safe and encouraging environments that enable parents to respectfully communicate their frustrations, thoughts, and ideas.

Where mediation is not successful or deemed not appropriate then as qualified mediators we are able to issue the Section 60i Exemption Certificate for clients to proceed to Family Court. We also refer clients who require legal advice to notable Legal Practices.


We regularly collaborate with reputable lawyers, financial advisors, psychologists and counselors that assist Parents to holistically separate.


Self reflection, and participation at conferences, workshops, and continuous professional seminars all ensure that we provide an optimal service to our clients.


Warm, affable, approachable and professional team. We are an enthusiastic dynamic and vibrant bunch and always available to offer support to our clients.


Parents are encouraged to take control of their situation and make decisions that suit their circumstances.


We offer competitive pricing and interest free payment plans.


We understand people have busy schedules and often work full time, we offer after hour appointments as well.

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